Cairn Candlestick Holder


This beautiful Cairn Candlestick Holder by Funky Rock Designs is made with hand-collected beach stones, stacked in a traditional cairn fashion and add beauty to any setting. It creates a stunning table centerpiece for indoor or outdoor use and is the perfect conversation starter for any home.

We curated this as part of the collection as many of the beaches visited during the trip which inspired the perfumes Merge and Hide had similar cairns built by tourists. We even had a go as a mini competition and let our social media friends vote for whose was best.


Sold individually - price is for one candle holder.

Approximately 6" tall, for use with 3/4" taper candlesticks. Candlestick not included.


*Products will vary in shape, colour, size, texture, and weight

Made in United States of America

Branded Funky Rock Designs