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Georgina April Art: Building My Signature Style

Georgina April Art: Building My Signature Style

1) Please, introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Georgina, the creator behind Georgina April Art and I’m an abstract artist from Derbyshire.
Georgina sitting on a step ladder with paint and paintbrush in her hand.

2) How would you describe your work?

The best way to describe my work is bespoke and customer focused. What I mean by that is that I absolutely love bringing a client’s vision to life. I do have a portfolio of work and common styles, but I also get so many requests from clients who have a vision which will match their interior design. For example, I’ve been commissioned to create artwork to mimic the textures in a few client’s rugs/sofas using colours from their existing rooms. I’ve also had vision briefs to follow such as a ‘hazy poppy field’.


3) What inspires you as an artist? 

I mostly create commission art, however I do also create one or two collections a year amongst a couple of one-off pieces for sale. The collections I’ve created have been totally different from one another! And so I’ve taken my inspiration from so many factors depending on the collection or piece. Firstly texture - I like to capture the essence of materials which you can feel through a photo such as silk look through soft brush strokes or a strong gritty textured look. Architecture inspires me – a mix of period buildings, contemporary property and modern minimal interiors. I like to imagine my art in the home its going in. Nature is also a massive inspiration in many of my pieces, especially in the likes of The Summer Collection. And finally the idea and feeling behind luxury – I want my clients to feel this through my pieces.

Canvas of "Sunset" from the Summer collection.

Sunset – The Summer Collection

Can you talk us through the process you take to bring one of your pieces to life?

I’ll explain how I bring commission artwork to life as this is what im most passionate about - there is sooo much that goes on ’behind the scenes’ before I even pick up a paintbrush! Firstly when i'm approached by a client I ask for information regarding their desired quantity and size on canvases and any 'inspo pictures' from my Instagram page. After I provide an initial quote, we then walk through a consultation phase which makes sure my thoughts are fully aligned with my client’s vision. For this I create a moodboard of their inspiration photos they might have sent e.g. of their own home/pinterest/art from my page. I share a proposed colour palette so my client can approve the colours I’ll use. I then also create a digital sketch which is the first time we will get to visualise the piece! This helps me to ensure my colour ratios are right for the client. I’ll then start painting! After I’m 80-90% complete with the art pieces I will share photos and videos with the client – this allows for any final thoughts to be added once we see how the art is progressing. This helps as sometimes at consultation phase a client might be unsure to add something  e.g. black highlights, so these can be left until the end and we can reassess the piece for a final decision. This process means that I truly meet my client’s vision which is my biggest aim and where I feel the most sense of satisfaction in my work.


What is your favourite part of the process?

My favourite part of the process is seeing a client’s initial reaction. It’s always a ‘hold your breath’ kind of moment once I’ve sent over those initial photos and videos! But the reactions I get constantly blow me away, and it makes me so happy when I get such lovely feedback.

Conflagration: Abstract art with blues, holds, whites, and greens


The way you use colours together is really beautiful. Is that something you have learned over time, or have you always had a ‘good eye’?

I’ve always been creative and have enjoyed all things art related from an early age. However since launching my business I’ve definitely developed my technique and learnt a lot in the process (e.g. trialled and tested colour combinations/brands of products used/application techniques). I honestly think every day is a school day.

I know you have refined your style over years, but only more recently launched as an artist. How has that transition been for you?

This is a strange one for me! I’ve always been creative but only launched my business 2 years ago, after I initially posted my own artwork online and started to get requests from family and friends for artwork for their homes. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I get an enquiry message as there are so many talented artists out there, yet they have chosen me! I’m so lucky to have had so many clients across the UK see my work and trust me to create something for them.

Being an artist exposes you to so many subjective opinions about your work, have you ever been surprised by some of those comments and/or an interpretation of what you do?

Artwork is totally subjective, and people will either love it or hate it! I also love hearing people’s interpretation of my work because sometimes I hear such a range of thoughts from one single piece. For example I exhibited a pieces of art at the D31 Gallery Summer 2022 Exhibition. For me, the piece was inspired by the impacts of climate change, however I know others have said the piece reminds them of happier memories of the sea (special holidays for example), and for the buyer the piece brings a sense of calm. But that’s what makes us all unique and I love that art brings this out of us.

Home - abstract art with blues, golds, and whites

Home – exhibited at D31 Gallery Summer 2022 Exhibition


Do you have a favourite piece you have ever done, or a colour combination that is your favourite?

It has to be my first ever piece! I created this piece for my own home after I couldn’t find anything on the market that fit my home’s colour scheme and style. I decided to create my own! This launched my business and also was the start of the ‘Signature Style’ which is now one of my most popular styles in my portfolio which I tweak for clients based on their desired preferences.

"Signature Style" abstract art with golds black and beige hanging on a wall.

Signature Style

Thank you so much for sharing your work. How can people find out more about you and your art?

Thank you so much for your time too! My Instagram is should anyone wish to follow my journey. My email is for any other questions or commission enquiries (or reach out via Instagram direct message).

Georgina standing with her "Signature Style" artwork



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