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Our goal is to indulge the imagination by creating and curating themed collections with fragrance at their core.

Redolescent's History

Hello and welcome!

Where to begin? … My interest in scent started almost a decade ago, when I started searching for a signature fragrance: something that felt like ‘me’. Hours of searching forums and scent counters helped me to find a few fragrances I liked, but nothing that I really connected with. I was still searching for ‘the one’. 

A few years later whilst studying chemistry, I found myself falling down an internet rabbit hole of niche perfumery, and my fascination was born. Until now, I had been yearning for a single perfume which captured something essential to me. The weird and wonderful blends I was now encountering captured the imagination, entranced the mind, and told stories with their scents. I’d stopped looking for just one answer to my quest for the perfect perfume, and was now on a pathway to understanding that scents, like people, are complex and multifaceted.

As I fell in love with the stories that perfume could tell, the scientist in me was already wondering: how did perfume work? Where did it come from? What was it made of? I began to explore the building blocks of perfume through courses and reading. I even applied to one of the most prestigious perfumery schools in the world, and was only made more determined to teach myself when I was rejected. 

I soon came to realise that the scent alone was only one part of the experience I was seeking to create. Our sense of smell has a unique capacity to evoke memories, experiences and sensations. I wanted to embrace this complex experience, incorporating multiple art forms to create cross-sensory, experiential collections.  

My journey through the world of perfume has brought me into contact with incredible people, many of whom inspire, motivate and collaborate with me. I hope that Redolescent can spark that same curiosity in you as those first scent journeys offered me. The fragrance community is close and welcoming, and so I invite you, whether you are a curious visitor or a returning friend, to be part of the Redolescent family. 

A final note about our name. Redolescent is a portmanteau of ‘redolent’ (meaning reminiscent of, or fragrant) and ‘scent’. The combining of the words evokes our endeavour to create multisensory experiences. By creating a word, we have also ensured that our name is as unique as each of our scents. 


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