Our goal is to indulge the imagination by creating and curating themed collections with fragrance at their core.

Redolescent's History

Hello and welcome!

My interest in scent started back in 2012 when I started searching for a fragrance that felt like 'me', a signature. Hours of searching forums and smelling in shops helped me find a couple that I liked but nothing felt like the one, I just didn't connect with them.

A few years later while studying chemistry, I discovered niche perfumery (likely by a chance ad online) and discovered how deep the rabbit hole of perfume really goes! Weird and wonderful blends which captured the imagination and entranced the mind. I'd stopped looking for the one and now wanted to experience as much as possible. I enjoyed each blend, but also the stories that surrounded them.

Then the scientist in me kicked in, I wanted to learn how perfume worked, where did it come from, and what was it made of? I spent some time exploring the building blocks of perfume, taking courses and lots of reading. I even applied to one of the big perfumery schools in France. Fortunately my rejection there further fuelled my desire to self-teach and 'do it anyway'!

Along the way I have been meeting some of the most incredible people, many of whom inspire me and motivate me. This meant that the vision for Redolescent itself soon grew to incorporate multiple art forms to create multi-sensory collections. The story designs the perfume, and the world around it is created by the rest.

So, I hope that Redolescent can spark that same interest and journey for you, if you wish to take it. The fragrance community is close, and so I invite you to be a part of our Redolescent community, welcome.

Oh, and "Redolescent" itself... A portmanteau of "redolent" and "scent". Redolent itself being used in both definitions (reminiscent of, and fragrant/sweet smelling). It just fit!


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