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Hide Eau De Parfum Sample


Hide by Redolescent:

Hide is bold and demanding, the most challenging perfume in the autobiographical collection to date. It rewards patience and bravery with a scent experience which defies easy explanation. It projects broadly and lasts well, so just one spray on a hot day will make a big impact.

Sudden as a storm at the end of a long summer, Hide arrives with a blast of cold, cliffside air, bracing for the mind and body. The initial uplifting rush settles and a dark berry note wends its way through the storm-laden air, wonderfully tart and sour. Damascones ever-so-slightly soften the sharp edges, but this is a scent which makes no apology for its presence.

Given time, but in no hurry, Hide wanes to the gentler notes of a clifftop October, playing out into desiccated, aged driftwood, or salt and sage, depending on the unique chemistry of your skin.

For times when you yearn to feel grounded, turn your attention to the lingering
notes of Hide as they ebb and flow, tidal, throughout the day.

You’re on a cliffside in harsh weather. Fortunately, a bird hide in the distance offers shelter from your storm.

For the full size bottle please see Hide 50ml Eau De Parfum


WARNING – Talk of Mental Health.

“Originally called “Hide at the edge of the world” this fragrance is a deeply personal project marking a turning point with the ongoing management of mental health. I had recently been diagnosed with PTSD and was facing a relapse of depression. During a holiday in Wales (the same which inspired Merge) my mum and I hiked up a (seemingly never-ending) cliffside. When we reached the top, we stumbled upon an empty bird hide looking out onto the vast ocean. The sea mist was rolling in and so it felt like gazing out into nothingness. We sat alone in silence. It was strangely peaceful.

It was the first time I had felt calm and fully grounded for months, and I felt thankful. Thankful of having my biggest supporter alongside me, and thankful of the opportunities which lay ahead.
Originally Hide was created as an invisible grounding technique to remind me of that moment, and an additional tool in my repertoire to manage the illness. It demands attention randomly throughout the day, it reminds you it is there and that you should be too.”

However, it gained interest, and friends wanted to wear it too (without knowing the true reason of its creation), so I decided to release it to the world.

It’s a perfume that sits within niche, and makes a unique and challenging wear. It just happens that I found it to be functional too.”




 "Hide is a rather visceral wear, definitely not a polite scent and certainly the most challenging in the line." The Sniff - Redolescent Brand Guide


Technical Information

 Size: 2ml

Strength: Eau de Parfum

Notes: Camphor, Tart Berries, Salt, Sea Air, Dried Woods, Ambergris.

Our naturally coloured fragrances may stain clothing.

You’ll notice that this perfume has a fascinating blue/green colour. This was achieved with a combination of natural materials including a vibrant Blue Tansy oil! Blending this perfume feels like alchemy!


INGREDIENTS: Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Isopropyl myristate, Propylene glycol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalol